1999 rok 

: 1999
Vol.: 01 

Published: 26.10.1999

Application of ozonation and advanced oxidation processes for drinking water and wastewater treatment in Poland
Andrzej K. Biń
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Possibilities and limitations of usage of classic coking process as a method of industrial waste utilisation
Andrzej Koszorek, Andrzej Mianowski
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Investigation and conception project of post-rinsing sewage from Coffee Roasting Plant pre-treatment technology
Barbara Kościelnik, Józef Malej, Tadeusz Piecuch, Jacek Piekarski, Grażyna Kościerzyńska - Siekan, Dariusz Chanulak, Henryk Wolski
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Hydraulics of selected biologically active beds
Michał Palica, Klaudia Chmiel, Jerzy Waluś
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The investigation of flow boiling of environmentfriendly refrigerants
Tadeusz Bohdal, Andrzej Rasmus
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Evaluation of contemporary trends of the environment contamination
Aleksander Szkarowski
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The significance of taking into account of initial gradient for groundwater protection
Janusz Hauryłkiewicz
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Environmental costs in the calculation of hard coal mine functioning costs​​​​​​​
Barbara Piontek
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Contemporary trends in motorization, which limit threads for the environment​​​​​​​
Włodzimierz Deluga
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Methodology of ecological purpose funds spending evaluation​​​​​​​
Franciszek Piontek
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Selective wates collection and their management in the commune​​​​​​​
Wiesław Śmietański, Marian Grzybowski, Mariola Smuśkiewicz, Henryk Knapczyk
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